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Citi Line of Credit

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Citi Line of Credit

Hi All,


I have a Citi Line of Credit.  I closed my deposit accounts and I can no longer access my Citi LOC account online.  I now rely on paper statements which is not very convinient. Out of curiosity, has anyone had any success consolidating CL accross 2 seperate products e.g. LOC & credit card account?


Opposed to closing my LOC, I would prefer to move the credit lmit to my credit card account.  


Any advice? 



--received this message from Citi Credit Cards


Thank you for your inquiry.

A consolidation is the combining of 2 or more accounts into 1 account.
Effective August 17, 2009, the account consolidation process was
discontinued due to the Card Act.

If there is any way we can be of further assistance, please feel free to
contact us.

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