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Citizens One LOC / Xbox All Access

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Citizens One LOC / Xbox All Access

Hi All,

I want to briefly talk about the Citizens One Line of Credit for the Xbox All Access program.  I did some initial research before going down the path, and I found a lot of uncertainty about it, and mostly stuff related to a similar apple program. I actually find more stuff off forums than here. In an essence, the tradeline was supposed to be "hidden" so i said what the heck. I could not get the Xbox i wanted any other way. 


Credit Pull: Soft & hard. soft pre-qual, hard if approved

Credit Report: Equifax Only

Decision: Instantly provided

Notes: If denied, it will send an email, but the email with denial reasons tends to come about 3-4 hours later. If denied for something silly like i did of "unable to verify ID" or something like that, call in and they can send it to a review, takes 24-48 hours. Upon passing the review, you have to apply again, but it will reuse the hard pull. Basically you got approved but something ID wise is not good in their system


Credit Line: You need at least $900, I was approved for $2500 which reasons to be standard. 

APR: 0%



My first statement cut on the 12th and the account has shown up on Transunion and Equifax today, nothing on Experian yet (at time of writing this). 


The account is not managed in the standard account. You need to go to Once all approved, you will get your account number VIA email, AND by text message to a link with the info. You use that information to signup for an account. 


My credit snapshot:

Credit lines: Over $600k total, highest credit line $80k, many at $25k+. I have had about 5 new accounts, and Equifax had i think 3 hard pulls at time of application. My credit score was about 820 at time of approval. 


that is all i got to provide at the moment. I am paying it off fairly quickly, my payment is like $38/mo with taxes and etc. I did not intend to have a balance, but since the account is reported, i obviously want it even less since I am at 35% util. 





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Re: Citizens One LOC / Xbox All Access

That's good to know. I was curious about how this program worked. You get the Series X? I've been holding out for the Halo edition but I think that ship has sailed.

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Re: Citizens One LOC / Xbox All Access

Yes, I did. 

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