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Credit Unions Memberships with SP

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Re: Credit Unions Memberships with SP

@Revelate wrote:
I suspect the fact your reports were frozen was why you had to jump through the additional verification steps.

Yeah, I thought so at the time as well. (For both mine and DW apps)


I thought it would only be Chex or equivalent, so I wasn't really trying to bypass anything. I figured if they denied me for being frozen, than I would just re-apply in the future when/if I wanted one of their CC's.


When everything went thru, each time, I guess I just "assumed" it was a SP or Chex went we weren't denied membership.


On a semi-related note, I tried signing up my DW for the Chase "$600 sub checking/savings account by June 15th" deal online, and she couldn't be verified, so we have to go into a local branch. If it ends up being more than a Chex/SP issue, I am trying to decide if it's worth a HP. We are not apping for anything else anytime soon, so we may go for it.

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