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DCU savings rate now 6.17%

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Re: DCU savings rate now 6.17%

DCU was not HP when I joined but that was over a year ago, I believe that is still the case as long as you stick to deposit accounts only. In any case, I know you're worrying about your diamond status, getting an HP for deposit accounts will not reset you to seeding. Smiley Wink

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Re: DCU savings rate now 6.17%

Hehe, you nailed it: my precious diamond.

3B profile optimization in progress...
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Re: DCU savings rate now 6.17%

I daisy-chain my savings.
When I first opened up my DCU savings account, I didn't have $1000 to start and just decided to do $25/week transfers to it from my checking account (different bank).
Once at $1000 with DCU, I turned off the auto transfers to it and instead initiated a $5 transfer from it to my Discover Savings. My Discover Savings is my little savings bucket account. All of my cashback from my Discover card goes there monthly as well as the interest from DCU and other places (like Ebates rebates) and 50% of my tax refunds. All of the amounts are so small that I barely miss them but the account is growing nicely. It gets better interest than DCU after the initial $1000. Everything is on auto, to I really don't even think about it anymore.
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