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DD CC Makeover 2.0

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DD CC Makeover 2.0

Greetings again MF Fam!

Baby Girl has been keeping her head down and paying off balances trying to cross the threshold of within one year that she set to makover her CC debt.  She moved home and by doing so, tackled her 61% UTI and has brought it down to 37% and should cross under 30% overall and individual card UTI by the end of this month, with a combination of payments/payoffs and CLIs, many of the auto and all of the SP. 

She has paid down $9,374.14 of CC debt since MARCH and her available credit had increased from $33,000.00 to $46,800.00 as Discover and BOFA both gave her Auto CLIs. She only has $2,465.00 left on her auto lease ( HA-HA, guessing this is another post, but thinking she should use NAVY for her next car lease/purchase?)

Her score has increased from 666 to 708 and I am hoping with her finally paying off some of her cards to 0 this month and others down to well below 30%, she will finally see a jump in her FICO score, which she will need as her car lease will be up very soon. 


Thanks again for all of the invaluable advice that we received here in the forums. 


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Re: DD CC Makeover 2.0

Congrats to DD about being serious and tackling high utilization.

She will see another jump when aggregate utilization dips below 28.9%, potential boost from cards reporting 0.

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