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Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

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Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Mods...please move if I posted in the wrong forum...thanks!


I didn't come across many recent data points about Discover personal loans so I thought I'd share...


I have 2 timeshares I wanted to refinance/consolidate plus I'm helping my brother out of a financial jam so I decided to try Discover since I got an email from them.


I tried to prequalify & they said no hard pull would be done BUT said they couldn't complete the prequal check because I had my reports frozen. I'm an existing Discover cardholder so I thought that would be enough to soft pull me but I guess not. I unlocked all 3 & called in to finish my check over the phone. I applied for $35k (max loan amount) & asked for 60 months...


They pulled Experian here in California, Exp Fico 8 is 786, $85k income, dti is 6%, & offered me 60, 72, or 84 months at a handful of rates I don't recall at the moment but I believe they were 13.99%, 14.99%, & 15.99% respectively. Not the best rates BUT I don't plan on holding the loan this long & the app was super smooth & quick. I took 60 months @ what I think was 13.99%.


Loan was approved Friday morning & had the confirmation by the afternoon. The only quirk with the loan would be they require 70% of it to go directly to creditors from Discover themselves. I have zero issues with it BUT I can see how this might prevent some people from apping.


Besides PenFed, this has been the quickest & easiest loan app & approval I've had. No IV, no docs, etc...super smooth.

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Congratulations Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Congrats!  I wish they were more competitive on their rates though.  Good thing you won't need to hold on to them very long.  

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Yeah...their rates I didn't like but PenFed won't go over $25k & the process with Discover was stress free...we'll see how it goes but, again, I don't intend carrying this loan to term.

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Congratulations. Did they asked for POI and any other documents?

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

What made you go with discover with those rates out of being curious?  You could of done better no?

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

Yeah, for $35K it seems unreasonably high. Though if paid off reletively soon, I guess it's not so bad. But what if.


It occurs to me that a lot of these online Loans are a bit higher than going into the Local Bank, at least  for some of us.

I can get really low Auto APRs, but when it comes to personal Loans, it's alwasy around the 9-10% area. 

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Re: Discover Personal Loan Approval...$35k...

GratsSmiley Happy stinks that only people who make 25k plus can apply for their loans but at least Amex looks out for some of us small fishSmiley Wink
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