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Discover personal loans

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Discover personal loans

Anyone know anything about discover personal loans? I got a preapproval in the mail and I couldn't find any info in the search. I dont have any discover products but have high 700 scores , make about 80k, with about 20k/120k on 7 cards. Most of that is on 0% ending soon. I was going to transfer most of that to my nfcu card for a new 12 month %, but the personal loan offer got me interested. The offer was for up to 35k with rates starting at 6.99%. Thanks for any insight.
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Re: Discover personal loans

All i know is you gotta make at least 25k to qualify and not sure on score requirements but my Dad got rejected for not being over 700.
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Re: Discover personal loans

I had a personal loan from then in the past. You can actually check your rate and the loan limit on their personal loan pre-approval page with a soft pull. So no impact to your credit score. Their pre-approval is pretty solid.  There are several other online and P2P lenders such as Prosper, Lending Club and SoFi who also provide similar personal loan pre-approvals with soft credit pulls. You can do a APR comparison and see who is giving you the best deal. Some lenders charge an origination fee on personal loans but those details are usually clearly mentioned in their pre-approval notes; so you need to factor those origination fees into your APR comparison. 

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Re: Discover personal loans

Thanks. The discover offer has no origination fees
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Re: Discover personal loans

@longclimbback wrote:
Thanks. The discover offer has no origination fees

Tread carefully. 


I'm NOT going to say anything ugly about Discover, but when I was preapproved and input all of the required information, the new personal loan would have lowered my interest rate, but would have had a negative affect on my cash flow.


Discover does not leave much wiggle room.


You might want to keep doing the balance transfer shuffle. 


You might not.  Just sayin.  Good luck!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover personal loans


I went with Discover Personal Loans for credit card consolidation because of their no origination fees and also because I was already a Discover card member. As stated above, they do pre-approve you on a soft pull but, for me at least, they didn't tell me my interest rate. I had to talk to a rep about it on the phone.


One thing to note for Discover is they require you to use 70% of the loan for consolidation of credit cards. They will not deposit the entire loan into your bank account, so that means you have to set up direct payment to your credit cards through the rep over the phone once the loan is granted.

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Re: Discover personal loans

Discover offered me a whopping 15% IR with scores in the 780 range. I declined, but did go with  Prosper for a rate of 7.45 which was the best offer i got out of all the soft pulls from SOFI to Best egg. Paid off a LC personal that was at 11% and lowered my note 150 a month. Will pay off in a year when I cash out some stocks.

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Re: Discover personal loans

I recently did a personal loan with Pay Off and they approved me for 5.7%.  There was an administrative fee of $175 in lieu of an origination fee.  My scores were high 700s, a long credit history, zero lates/derogs.  I make over $100k/year though and I do think they market more towards higher income folks.

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