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Fidelity Full View and Fidelity (Elan) Visa card

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Fidelity Full View and Fidelity (Elan) Visa card

I've been a Fidelity Investments customer for 25+ years and have been playing around with its "Full View" account aggregation/personal finance management tool (think something like Mint if you're not familiar) off and on for 10 years or so. It's great, except...


The Fidelity Rewards Visa card (issued by Elan/US Bank) does not reliably connect with Full View as ALL of my other accounts (Chase, Amex, mortgage, etc.) do. My Fidelity card connection has been down now for almost two weeks. Fidelity and Elan have been informed and Fidelity has promised to fix, but I'm not optimistic. This same thing has happened numerous times over last 10 years, and they've never done anything to fix it reliably.


I would love to use Full View, but the half dozen times I've tried in the past (and now) the Fidelity card has failed to work. The Full View connectivity is provided by a company called eMoney Advisor, which is owned by Fidelity Investments.


In summary. Fidelity-branded Visa card does not connect with Fidelity Investments Full View via the Fidelity-owned eMoney Advisor. This seems like a bizarre shortcominig that Fidelity would want to correct.

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Re: Fidelity Full View and Fidelity (Elan) Visa card

I like full view but lots of my accounts have failed from time to time (I don't even link the Fidelity credit card as I don't have significant spend).

So it's very hit or miss.   Sometimes things temporarily fail, but I have found if it doesn't fix in a few days, it's probably never going to work.

Less useful than it could be, but still somewhat helpful!

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Re: Fidelity Full View and Fidelity (Elan) Visa card

Aggregators often suffer account disconnection, in my experience. Pretty much to the point where I've stopped using them. I do have the BofA account aggregator but each time I log on, there is at least one account that has become disconnected. I rarely visit anymore.


I used to belong to the American Airlines Federal Credit Union to which I gained membership through a close relation. My dissatisfaction with that credit union goes far beyond the following story. I believe it was around 2005 when they began offering an aggregator. I signed up and linked my accounts. One day, I found my accounts replaced with other unknown accounts. I called the credit union, thinking I was the victim of identity theft. As usual for them, they were very unhelpful and acted as if I was crazy. After I threatened to report them to the NCUA for this, and other things they did to me, they agreed to investigate.


The inexplicable answer that I finally got was that since this was a new product, their IT people were working on the aggregator and USED my account, instead of the dummy account they were supposed to use, to "experiment." I could not believe my ears. 


I had become somewhat immune to their antics. A few years earlier they sent me an unrequested $500 withdrawal check to my home address. When I called them, the rude rep told me that I must have ordered the check and "forgotten." I threatened to take them to the NCUA, and they did an investigation. A week later, the same rude rep called me to tell me that they found out what happened...I had stopped in at a branch to ask about car loan rates and left. Someone called in as I left, requesting a $500 withdrawal from their account to be sent to them. The teller never switched screens to this person's account (how is this even possible), and arranged to send the check out (to me).


Between the aggregator snafu, and this withdrawal checking, I kept my accounts there limping along with next to nothing in them until I pulled the plug.

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