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Financial Fitness Association -Credit Unions

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Financial Fitness Association -Credit Unions

The Financial Fitness Association  is another organiztion you can use as a pathway to membership in select credit unions. The nice part about this is they the credit unions are listed on the website. The link is below. You can also explore the website to learn more about them 



FICO Scores XPN v8 802 V2 831 (SDFCU) TUC 803 v8 EFX 807 (10/2023)
Discover 09/90 19,000, JCPenney 10/2008 4,700 US Bank Cash+ 12,000 Citibank Custom Cash 5/2015 11,100 Capital One/Walmart 3/2022 3,000 SDFCU 15,000 06/2023 Banking relationships Discover Bank and Lafayette FCU Quorum FCU State Department FCU

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