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Freezing All 3 CRS

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Re: Freezing All 3 CRS

@Remedios wrote:

I have TU and EX locked, but EQ is open


Last time it had a free on it during my longer gardening stretch and guess what ....EQ messed up 

I know, hard to believe Smiley LOL


Took about 5 months for them to fix it so now I'm weary to do anything with them. 

I agree that freezing provides better legal protection in case something does go wrong, but I've opted for what I perceive as more convenient options for me. 


With that said, I never really checked since my personal EQ debacle, is it possible to lock EQ now, and if yes, how? 


They will probably mess that up for me, too 

What to say! Best tool to keep you in the Garden I can think of Smiley Happy

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