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Garden Club - December 2018

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@UncleB wrote:

Like I said... things for me are rather boring these days. 




After my Amex installment loan was PIF I lost 40 points, but after that things have been steady... I've been within a point or two of 780 since August.  My score was previously 821 with the low-balance installment loan reporting.  Smiley Indifferent


I could do the SSL and get the points back, but there's nothing I'm interested in at the moment so there's no need for the exercise. 


A few years ago I would have loved to have been 'stuck' with a 780, so I'm not complaining. 

I know the feeling stuck in scores that a few years ago I  never thought possible again.  Our range has been a bit wider 745-799 but usually at 760.  Since i know we are not buying a house soon I have no fear.  Our Sport S is less than 1 year old with 8000 miles and the Rubicon is now 13 years old with 169000 miles but looks new and drives like its 5 years old. Last week some one wanted to buy the Rubicon they thought it was about 3 years old.  No more new cars in the works but I have I have been eyeing the new Jeep Pickup.  I think they will cost about $50,000 and if i trade the Rubicon that would leave $35,000   I  just can't see two car payments now.  Once we pay off the 0% apr scores will go up 10 to 20 points more

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Happy Dec everyone! 

Hope the holidays brings lots of love and laughter too all! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Happy Holidays Fico Folks. Still gardening and drinking coffee. Put in bulbs and trimmed the mums as well. Will roast a huge prime rib and try out some new wine for gardeners to try.
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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Things are boring for you?


All my scores flatlined about six months ago and they have been there since.  658-660 and holding, perhaps forever?  Equifax flirts up and around 700, but those baddies on EX and TU will be expiring in a few more months, even then ill just be evening out around 690-700 and stuck til god knows when.


I know its an age of oldest account issue, know it all too well, and its gonna take years to get anywhere else.

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)
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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Got a Tesla, so restarted last month.  Not complaining Smiley Happy.


Financially it's passing strange for me after so long not playing with balances: I had a lot of expenses come up and then some non-trivial discretionary spending over the period too (I know I could've delayed that): rather than making a dent in the HELOC wound up darned near maxing it out and covering half the taxes out of the PLOC as the Tesla came in 5 days rather than having a month to build up a downpayment (from 2 jobs, would've made it).


This month and for the forseeable future, it's all about financial strategizing rather than credit planning.


4.5k in the bank currently

~11K CC debt ~16% APR

3K PLOC debt 11% APR

27k HELOC debt 5% APR

55k Auto debt 3.85%

212k Mortgage 3.25%


Had the plan of just running hard with two jobs for as long as I can maintain it and just pay everything off, but now leaning towards paying off the CC/PLOC and starting on the HELOC assuming the usual money comes in plus two incomes for December, zeroing out the HELOC, but then minimum paying the Auto/Mortgage while continuing to save money.  Not sure, being major payment free is a nice place to be, but alternatively so is stuffing money away into investments and playing the spread.


Rationally should be playing the spread I guess. 


Ah well, happy gardening and credit / finances planning to everyone else too this holiday season!


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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Forgot that December was arriving tonight and didn’t get first page. 😫😫😫

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Was catching up and November and didn't understand why I couldn't reply.


In real life news, today sucked.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@Brian_Earl_Spilner sorry to hear that.  Can't bring myself to kudo that.  Hope everything is okay.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

Was catching up and November and didn't understand why I couldn't reply.


In real life news, today sucked.

When I have lousy days I tell myself that just means that the next day is most likely going to be better.


Hopefully that will appy in your case as well.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

eBro: Sorry about the real-world suck. Beers on me.

Everyone else: I'm still here. Had to get out and do real-life human stuff. Knocked back a few with some friends and decompressed from a jacked-up November. Looking forward to a quite, low-stress December.

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