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Garden Club - December 2018

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

My thursday was horrible dealing with what should have been a minor problem turned into a clusterFICO... as well as being more expensive than I had anticipated.  I really shouldn't have gotten out of bed... Friday actually went pretty smoothly and here we are to Saturday morning on the new month and looking at my budget... *eugh* ...  It will get better I say to myself.




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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Good morning, folx!

I am still in the garden, which is pretty easy since my goal card is a Chase and I'm 4/24.   I am still plugging away at my rebuild (Jan & Feb should be interesting months with lots of good milestones getting hit!).   I am trying to get a (formerly) delinquent account to report correctly, and it's been interesting - it reports correctly on TU and EQ, but not EX.   While trying to get EX to update the information, they not only didn't fix it, but also managed to pull in an old baddie account that had fallen off of my report.   But because I'm just starting my rebuild, pulling in the old account seems to have given me a net gain thanks to the huge increase in my AAoA and AoOA.   In any event, I'm keeping myself from looking at new cards (Chase not withstanding) by just playing with my accounts and sometimes checking prequal sites for funsies.   My only concern is my beloved 12 yo Baja.   It's misbehaving and I'm debating new car vs repair (minor repair, but those little repairs are starting to add up).  I don't have quite enough to buy a new (to me) car with cash, I'd probably need ~5k loan, dangit.

I'm hoping for a boring month.   I have no family, so I won't be spening money on gifts (Dec should actually be a great net month for me, moneywise), and I won't lose PTO since I can work Christmas with no issue.   I also use that excuse to not visit my partner's family (no offense to them meant - they're lovely people, I just like vacation time more).

And today a friend who is a semi-pro photographer is going to "practice" taking dog photos with my obnoxious mutt.  Free fancy Christmas photos for me!

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Hello MFer's....just did a survey for Amex for the Hilton Aspire card....big take on it was do I want 2 free nights every year instead of $250 resort credit and 1 free night.....YIKES I like the credit, they take that out and well....not loving it.....get rid of the $100 WA credit before the $250 resort credit.....well maybe enough "surveyers" will pick to keep things the way they are.......Happy Christmas time!!!!!!!

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Disassembled a rusted-through old grill this a.m. and took it to the town disposal site. Now I'm on purge detail, per DW. Not unreasonable.

And, in credit-ish news, I think I'm mostly grown-up now -- which, to me, means that I can put my monthly bills on auto-pay, secure in the knowledge that there's enough in the bank to cover them (otherwise known as living within my means).
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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Happy December and the greetings of the season to you all!

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

@tcbofade wrote:

Good morning boys and girls.


Job B was short staffed again last night...  (missed ya, lowlimits!) which makes the job more challenging, but also more rewarding.  It's a good time of year to deliver pizzas in Kansas City.  Smiley Happy


No credit news to report... it will probably be early next week before I see any score change... I need two points... two lousy points...  Smiley Tongue


I hope that you're all off to a good start, and don't apply for anything or the Grinch will steal your Christmas.  


You forgot to remind someone about their amex.


Thanks guys. Everything at work just kept going wrong. Then the cost of my truck repair ended up being more than I anticipated and the shop repaired it without my authorization. It was only supposed to be a diagnosis. On top of that, they were trying to force me to pick it up yesterday, but I couldn't because of my messed up work hours. Didn't get home until almost 10pm. I'm so burnt out.

If they don't want to repair nice maybe its time for a new shop.  

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Another month for Gardening.  Should have my 6 month soft pull CLI on my Double Cash available this week that I will try.  Just got 300 soft pull Discover today.  Util consistently 6-7% overall, so doubt any CLIs will change my scores, but you never know.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

One piece of information I left off of my monthly greeting:


Today marks 17 years since I moved from the Bronx to Staten Island. It was great to move to a suburban setting after living in an urban setting my entire life.


Also, I just got a notice about my TU score changing. It went up 15 points to 749. Nice to finally be in green with one of Fico8 reports (I've been all green in Fico9 for a while now).

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

so remember the lady at the unemployment call center told me id definitely have to go through adjudication coming from tdi? it was automatic...

yea got my unemployment stuff today.. its as normal.. no adjudication

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Wow. Just got SP CLI from Disco #2 of 2.5K. Think it is worth a double-dip try?

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