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Garden Club - December 2018

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@bluntco wrote:
Congrats Taco! Take the day off buddy, Eeyore said he'll work for you.

PS when I see 700 club I will forever think of my grandparents watching that on TV a million years ago lol

OMG!   I would LOVE to, but we're too short handed and Eeyore hasn't arrived yet. 🙄

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@sasha123 wrote:

@JAG73 wrote:

Tomorrow (today for east coast) will be 66 and sunny.

I am very satisfied. 


really? its pouring rain and 50 here.. are you having a dream? 😂

Right?  I thought it was supposed to be nice today (rained yesterday).  Still rainy and cold.  Guess I'll sit on my couch and play some games Smiley Wink

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Happy December, MF'ers!


Checking in for December. Got a 5 point bump on EX yesterday. I'm not sure if it was my newest account hitting 3 mos or my AAoA hitting 5 years or a combination of the two, but my EX is the highest it's ever been at 764! I'm actually amazed that my score netted an increase after my oldest account dropped off and the addition of the AMEX. 


I don't expect any other score changes this month until the 30th when an inquiry becomes unscorable. My CLI from AMEX will post in few days, but since my util is already at 1%, I don't expect any score movement. 


Revised my budget so I'm now contributing to my IRA, HSA and ER fund every month which feels incredible and very "adulty."


Good luck to all with your gardening efforts this month.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@JAG73 wrote:

Tomorrow (today for east coast) will be 66 and sunny.

I am very satisfied. 


58 & sunny is tomorrow's forecast in NoVA.  I'd rather it stay cold -- the plants get confused.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@tcbofade wrote:

Gooooooooood morning boys and girls from the newest member of the 700 club!!!!!


EX Fico 8 now at 709!!!!!

That's what I'm talkin' about!!  Congratulations!

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Congrats Taco🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓


20 strip salute. 😀

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Having some snowy day indoor fun today. Decorating for the holiday and taking care of the domestic chores. 


CK is reporting a huge change in my EQ and some TU scores. We’ll see what it actually shows once scores are updated with my card statements. December and January should be the magical months where more inquiries comes off and 180 days for CLI have occurred. 

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

@odd_dog wrote:

SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONE with Alliant CU, they STINK, I see the new year alliant-less for me, started pulling money from savings account there.....At least that will be yet another CC gone......EEEEEEWWWWWW they have me so mad.......AHHHHHHHH  better now.....Hope your up coming week is a great one! Don't app or you will get coal in your stocking and all your store CC will cease to function!!

Wait what? Smiley Happy


Did they deny you for an application?  This be the Garden thread yo, they did you a favor just sayin' Smiley Happy


Tongue-in-cheek aside what happened?  Haven't done that much with Alliant over the years since I did the ancient SSL trick (and recently realized with the auto loan having been sorted, might as well take one for the team and test 3ish lenders) but they always seemed pretty quality to me.  Up to 2% now savings rate if one cares about such things according to the email I got today too.

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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Wonder what I'm going to get myself or pay off since my bday is coming up shortly.... Hmm with the current redacting AvgJoes been up to, maybe hes getting me a surprise for next week....  Hes actually doing *better* with Langley than I will be at a certain CU.... 


Been having a fling with Murphy lately which I really would like to be over and done with... (thats just my luck though)...




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Re: Garden Club - December 2018

Hi all *waves broadly*,

I am not sure if I'm ready for the garden yet (although the food looks good).
Here is my situation: I have a very thin file, as I lived out of the country off and on and always relied on cash. My current file looks like this:
1 inquiry on TU and 2 showing on EQ
Student loan - currently in repayment. Never late. 5 years old +
Discover it secured - 1 month old. 1% uti
FedEx secured cc - 7 months old
Cap 1 app in process
2 - 4 baddies depending on the file. One is a medical collection of $30. This one irritates me because I had insurance at the time and the OC and I have gone back and forth because they have never charged the insurance (first excuse was they were unaware of the insurance at the time, now it's that it's so old that I needed to provide them a Load Letter from the carrier showing the insurance at that date, which I have done numerous times).
One is an od Verizon bill in which they never applied a rebate, etc. Basically, all small (and petty).
My AAoA is 2 years. I'm hoping the Cap 1 app is approved (they requested additional documentation). If Cap 1 is approved then I feel pretty confident with the 3 cards and student loan increasing my AAoA and score.

My concern is that my FedEx secured card is a low limit card and the only way for it to graduate is a hard pull at the end of February. I don't want to join the garden if I know that a hard pull is in my future. FedEx is not my favorite and I wish I had known this before. They told me they even HP for their share secured loans. The only positive is that their interest rate is super low on the card, although I PIF every month.

Any advice? Is it worth waiting to garden (temptation is high out here in the cold), or should I just buck up and join the garden knowing that I won't be able to convert this card for a year (that's my gardening goal).

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