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Garden Club - November 2019

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

Banned ... banned ... banned I say, remove all the 'interlopers' who got to open the November 2019 'Gardening Thread' with the false October 31, 2019 date! Remove them and don't forget Brian Earl Spilner!

Appalled ... just appalled! @UncleB  must be a violation of something??? Smiley Mad

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

Late lunch at work, I drew the Short straw.

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

I actually prefer the late lunch...makes the afternoon go by quicker!


Good morning boys and girls.  Happy Friday, Happy November, Happy Payday!


Not one trick or treater last night.  Smiley Indifferent


Tried to update all three Fico 8 scores this morning... EX at 726, TU at 747, and no information returned from EQ.  I'm really hoping that was a CMS issue and not an Equifax issue...

11/01/19 Fico 8: EX 726, EQ 721, TU 747.
11/08/19 Fico 9: EX 733, EQ 740, TU no idea...
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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

@Adkins wrote:

@simplynoir wrote:

Ah, DST this weekend Smiley Indifferent


Welcome November!! 


Speaking of the time change, I'm ecstatic that it gets dark early and my neighbor absolutely hates it! LoL!! Now if it'd just snow here, nothing would make me happier! 



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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

Happy November all. As the year draws to a close I hope everyone is achieving their credit goals. Time seems to fly except when you're waiting for those pesky inquiries to fall off.Lol. No big news my way. No new cards or changes. Steady as she goes. 

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

good morning im here...

boo november .. is it summer yet?


its the worst season- i have to spend time with my "family" 🙄

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

+1 on October being swiped left, what a busy month it has been and working this Texas project has just obliterated my sleep schedule.

That said somewhere around 10/20 my awkward 30D late tradeline on EQ vanished and as it is a closed account it seems unlikely to be coming back. Do pass go, collect some FICO points and go straight to 800 (well almost 799 haha).

Will get that by the end of the year. Couple inquiries fading to grey and also a few account passing a year which if it is a pattern might help too, still haven’t recovered the points I lost on EX from my April apps (I gained 3 today which is a far cry from the 30ish I lost), but haven’t really had much time to try to figure it out either.

Passed 6 months on 10/28, should at least make a year unless the work situation changes and I flee California to use the word I read in a news piece yesterday heh but I don’t expect a new credit product to be released that is interesting to me: entire market seems to be holding it’s breath currently as the rates keep falling. Maybe if FBNO I think it was offers that insane 5% fixed rate card again, that would probably be what it would take to even get me to consider walking out.

It isn’t so much plan (which everyone should have) there just comes a point when everyone reaches credit complete on their file and an additional tradeline doesn’t do anything. Quite literally the only things I can do to improve my score are throwing a ton of cash at my mortgage and otherwise just sitting on my hands, and there is nothing I can do to improve my credit portfolio.

Oh hey my oldest open tradeline (not a scoring factor to my knowledge) which was born a BOFA secured card made 8 years today. Happy anniversary to my decision to at least try to improve my credit!

Anyway hope everyone is doing well and November has to be less funky than October was.

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

First November check-in.


I get my emerald later this month.


Finally 4/24!


Right now, looks all clear all the way to diamond in May.

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

I'm still here and scores are up across the board! What's more is my goal score was met on Equifax! Needless to say I'm stoked. My Experian is still suffering and I think it may be because they're not showing my  Disco. I contacted Disco to request an off cycle report and it's still not reporting. What should I do?

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Re: Garden Club - November 2019

@Adkins wrote:

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

@Adkins wrote:

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

You guys can't get rid of me that eaay

Are you the norovirus? 

Can the norovirus be killed or gotten rid of?

Eventually, but it usually just lays low. 

Then it definitely isn't me. Is there a Guccivirus?

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