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HSBC closing branches

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HSBC closing branches

Looks like HSBC is closing the main bank branch here.  Previously they closed some other branches in the area.  The customer service in branch was known to be bad.  Apparently building owner is selling the building and won’t renew the lease.  Banks have closed branches by me and new ones have opened as well over the years.


I wouldn’t mind a Wells Fargo in the area since it has more locations and does more lending.  Unclear if anyone will build a new branch here with so many banks already around.  

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Re: HSBC closing branches

I was an online customer of theirs (briefly) and their phone service was terrible. Antithetical of Discover ime.


Watching the branch maps of large banks has been interesting, so many openings and closures. The area I'm in has been benefiting from openings, though where I'm moving later this year is missing a couple of the larger options.

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