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Hardship question

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Re: Hardship question

A couple months have passed. How did everything work out for the OP?


I vaguely remember being on a hardship program with Chase back in summer 2012, though it's very possible I am incorrectly recalling the details of how my hardship ended, especifally if they never had a hardship program. I just know I had a Amazon Visa card. It closed, possibly involuntarily, and I paid it off by making $25 payments until the balance was paid off. There was no charge off and they didn't sell my debt, which was good. I should not that by balance was under $1,000 so they may look at a higher balance differently.


I was able to get a Chase Freedom Visa credit card in late 2015, about three years later. There's hope! If you had to close your cards, you relationship with them may not be ruined; you'll just need time to pay off your debts with them.


I think the CSP suggestion to contact a credit counselor was bad advice but that's probably what they were instructed to say.


I'm on a debt-free journey, y'all.
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