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Has anyone joined NWCUF?

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Has anyone joined NWCUF?

I made the donation last night but i have yet to recieve and email confirmation, I need the email for when i sign up for BECU. From what i read from other members they recieved their confirmation within 10 minutes.

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Re: Has anyone joined NWCUF?

I got it instantly. You can call them. I had to do so when I needed to get my refund because of BECU's ridiculous verification nonsense. 


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Re: Has anyone joined NWCUF?

I never got one,  but get newsletters every so often always starts with dear member. 


BECU never asked for proof of that membership, they just wanted my DNA 😬. I still have my card, but dh was tired of nonsense and said forget it 😅

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Re: Has anyone joined NWCUF?

any update?

did you receive confirmation and able to apply BECU?

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Re: Has anyone joined NWCUF?

I cant even pronounce thatSmiley Sad
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