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How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

Local checking

Local savings (rarely used)

CapOne checking and savings (rarely use either)

Barclays savings-main savings 

Ally savings (side savings for small purchases)

CapOne investing brokerage account

Vanguard Roth IRA


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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

I have chase as well which was a Wamu bank account that was converted to Chase. I opened it since i was 18.


I wanted a seperate checking account that i could use as savings so i opened TD bank the one that just needs 100 daily balance and no fees ever. I picked TD because at the time they were giving out this cool Kodak Cube when you opene any account with them.


In the future i do plan to open up a account with Pend Fed Or NFCU after i do my research but i know that for sure i want to have a account with a credit union.

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

Adidas wrote:

Main Account: LMCU High Interest Checking (3%)


I just got this a month ago so still transitioning to it but it will be where I do 99% of my banking (I’ll have my paycheck deposited there, will keep my EF there, will use it to PIF my CCs every month, etc). I like that it is a checking account so I don’t have to worry about the federally mandated 6 transaction/mo limit on savings accounts. I used to keep my $ in an ally savings account to maximize interest but with 5 CC bills per mo + rent + utilities that became a problem. It also pays one of the highest interest rates available at 3%. It requires 10 transactions per month (I buy 10x$0.50 amazon GC online) and a direct deposit every month (I do $150 transfer from Ally) but I plan to do those on the 1st of every month and not worry about qualifying for the interest.


Other Bank Accounts:

Ally Bank Checking/Saving: I have all my accounts linked to this account so I’ll probably use it as a hub when transferring $ to other places. LMCU’s transferring ability is lacking.


Other Accounts Acquired for Things Unrelated to Banking:

Alliant CU Savings: for the Installment loan popular on these forums + they are local + 1% on savings isn't bad

DCU Checking/Savings: for a free FICO 05 score (mortgage version) every month so I can track my progress/prepare for future + 5% on up to $750

BoA Checking/Savings: for an extra bonus from my BBR


Considering Getting:

NASA FCU for a low interest PLOC and a FICO 5 score (mortgage) from a different bureau. The idea would be to keep the PLOC as backup in case I ever need to carry a balance somewhere (assuming my emergency savings are insufficient). I prefer rewards CCs which means I have high APRs so I could use the PLOC to pay the CCs and avoid paying the high interest from the rewards CCs.

The LMCU checking account looks very interesting, though the 10 transactions a month is tough (unless transfers to savings count as a transaction). Do you know if they'll let you have multiple accounts so you can break up funds into blocks of $15k? The fact you also mention transferr difficulties in and out of LMCU makes me very hesitant to pursue this one.


As it is today, I drop paychecks into a local credit union (DCU) and keep $750 in savings with them for the interest. Emergency savings (usually around $15-20k) sits in a Barclay's savings account. After that, everything remaining from a paycheck is used on an e-trade account (not really a bank account) or I give my SO a check and she deposits it into one of her savings accounts. I have no idea how many accounts she has floating around, but I know it's more than me.

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

Re: 10 transactions
The 10 transactions have to be from your debit card and they have to be coded specifically. It can't be used to get cash from an ATM or anything like that it has to be a point of sale transaction. I know the 10x Amazon thing works and I figure for $5 per month or $60 per year I'll get $450 in interest which is $300 higher than I was getting from Ally so worth it in my mind. Especially if I actually get something from Amazon then I've lost no money. Also a transfer from Ally to LMCU counts as direct deposit.

Re: splitting $ into 15k blocks
I don't think you can. You could do a his and hers to get 2 probably but I'm guessing that's the limit. However I know consumers credit union offers a similar 3% return with all the same requirements except 12 transactions per month instead of 10. They have a similar requirement that you use the debit card and that it must be coded as a credit transaction. So if you use Amazon for CCU transactions then you have to go into your settings and change the debit card to be used as a credit card. Also there is a doctor of credit page with high interest checking accounts if you want more ideas (

LMCU and CCU were the two that offered the most return for the least work in my opinion and neither have fees if you forget to do it one month. Also fyi CCU offers even higher percentages if you do more work but it's not worth it in my opinion.

Re: LMCU transfer issues
Every time I have transferred $ to or from LMCU it has been competed in 3 business days and I've had no issues. What I mean is their online portal explicitly says you can't link other accounts to transfer $ to/from LMCU on their website. They expect you to push or pull from the other institution. So for example I log into Ally to transfer $ to/from LMCU.
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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?


1. BofA business checking

2. Chase free checking .... they gave me $300 to open and I got a tax statement on the 300. lol

3. Scottrade Bank

4. Mellon Bank  HSA acct and brokerage acct

5. Banc of California  joint checking

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

Primary Checking with Navy Federal (Everyday Checking) - write checks for bills and receive direct deposits from employment

Share Savings with Navy Federal - wife and I both  have our own, used for weekly transfers

Money Market Savings with Navy Federal - Sparingly used


Wells Fargo Checking - spouse and I each havae our own for play money, convienent locations nearby our house

Wells Fargo Savings - Use for an emergency fund.

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

CU- Checking 

CU- Share Savings 

Online Savings Account- Main Savings 


I have most of my paycheck direct deposited to my CU checking, and roughly 10% of gross direct deposited to my online savings, which I don't touch. It helps me a lot to have a completely separate account as my main savings, as I've found saving is a struggle when it is linked to my checking account.

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

I have too many but I like all of them.


PNC- primary bank, checking, savings, car loan, and credit card. Great bank to me with very conservative lending practices.

SCSCU- primary credit union, checking, savings, CD's,retirement, and credit card. This CU has helped me the most with my rebuilding from my bankruptcy. Great CU!

Navy Federal- savings, Roth IRA, savings, CD's, and credit card. Very friendly and bankruptcy friendly.

PenFed- savings and credit card. Plan on using them for my mortgage or remodel. Excellent rates. 

SDFCU- savings, personal loan, and credit card. Excellent rates on loan and Visa.

Barclays- savings. 

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

Currently six, two of which are joint with the wife.  At our old CU in MN I have a personal checking and savings, then we have a joint checking that gets 1.5% and a joint savings that isn't used.  I now have an account at a new CU in WI where we moved to that is 2.5% for our checking that she will be added on once she can comply with the Patriot Act BS of needing a utility bill.

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Re: How Many Bank Accounts do You Have?

I have a standard Chase checking account. Then I got a Discover checking and savings account. Considering moving my savings out of Discover and into Barclays but only .5% more do I really need to is the question.

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