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I just love Navy Federal.

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I just love Navy Federal.

I have to say I absolutely love Navy Federal credit union.

I got my cash rewards card bumped to $22k last month. So this month I figured I would ask to have my CLOC increased. I filled out the paper work about 2 hours ago and just got the email that they approved my CLOC up to $15k

All this while I'm carrying about $16k across all of my cards right now (27% UTL) and with my scores at EQ-649 TU-651 EX-652

It is so awesome working on your credit. I still have about 3 negative items left in my credit report. They will all be gone in about 22 months. They are paid just waiting on them to fall off.

2 years ago I started with a secured card from capital one and now I have $66,200 available in unsecured credit.

I'm actually in the process of looking at homes to buy right now.
Current Scores: 11/27/17: [EQ-643] [TU-651] [EX-655]

Goal 08 Scores: 11/7/19: [EQ-742] [TU-686] [EX-739]
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Re: I just love Navy Federal.

Awesome job! I just joined NFCU today and already love it. Just got approved for the Platinum card today.

From Chapter 13 discharge and low 500s in 2015 to EQ: 781 TU: 767 EX: 794 in 2017...Make your vision your reality.
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Re: I just love Navy Federal.

OP Super Congratulations !!!

In the garden as of March 17, 2017.

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