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IRS wait

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Re: IRS wait

jacetx wrote:

I filed on the 23rd and the ACH deposit already hit my bank account. It's in pending status and funds will be available on the 31st.

Sweet. I efiled on the 22nd, was accepted by the IRS on the 23rd and I checked the status today and they state it was approved and it should be sent on the 1st. My bank does not show anything pending until Tuesday of every week during the weekend so I shall see. 

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Re: IRS wait

I filed on 1/28/17.  I need to check my status.

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Re: IRS wait

My CPA filed them on on 23rd yet checked the status and it still says I have to wait 24 hours after they received it. I don't understand why I am getting that message but hopefully it will update soon, moving and need that extra cash!
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Re: IRS wait

Refunds will be delayed if you are claming EITC and/or the ACTC.

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Re: IRS wait

Happy Groundhog Day to you all,


My state tax refund found its way to my bank account this morning. It was authorized on January 28, just two days after I efiled.


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Re: IRS wait

I efiled on 1/31. Everything was accepted by the next day 2/1. I will keep you guys posted as i get updates.

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Re: IRS wait

Look at all of you getting your taxes filed so quickly. I am still waiting on 1 form that might take another couple weeks to get. Still waiting on a 1099-DIV from Robinhood and it looks like they wait until the last possible moment to send them out.

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Re: IRS wait

My status changed to the following. The format looks different; I don't know what to make of it, but still waiting for approved.




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Re: IRS wait

Filed 1/31, accepted same day, refund approved 2/3. Says scheduled to be sent to my bank by 2/7. Last year I got it before the date specified so I'm hoping Monday. My bank doesn't do "pending" for this deposit it's usually available immediately.


Happy for the 7 day turnaround! Much better than last year's almost 3 weeks...

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Re: IRS wait

I am shocked! I submitted my taxes through Turbo Tax on the evening of 2/1 and didn't really check the status after hitting "send". I woke up this morning, and my refund had been direct deposited into my account! 2 1/2 days from submitting to refund - not too shabby! 

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