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Interest Rates for Savings Accounts

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Re: Interest Rates for Savings Accounts

Alliant Credit Union usually has savings rate among the highest.

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Re: Interest Rates for Savings Accounts

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Capital One won’t work to pay bills from checking account via mobile banking with its latest revision.  If relationship banking led to higher rates without requiring high minimums on par with online banks I would do it myself.  But the market seems to be against that.  HSBC has a high rate now at 2.22% for online accounts but their own branches are closing and it is an online only account.

HSBC could be offering 5% without a cap and I would have a hard time being a customer again. Terrible customer service both in wait times and competence, in my experience.

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Re: Interest Rates for Savings Accounts

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Thanks for this. I hadn't considered a credit union as it always seemed membership was dependent upon some specific affiliation that I never had. Will do some research. And thanks for the Bank Rate resource. That's very helpful. Definitely going to check out the Cap One Money Market, though the minimum is $10,000. Will have to think about that. But it's helpful to see how many other options there are. Time to stop being so passive about this. 

Have you looked at the bank rate site yet? You can change your minimum deposits and length of terms to get an idea of works best for you. It doesn't have all the banks. It's just a tool I was using before I went to park some money somewhere else that wasn't giving me .000000065% <<cough>> Chase


Good Luck!

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