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Just Joined Baxter Credit Union BCU


Re: Just Joined Baxter Credit Union BCU

@oorhett wrote:

Got a phone call from my personal banking representative welcoming me to the Credit Union - So I asked her about the Hard pull on my credit report - She told me that yes they do pull credit for membership, the reason my first one was not pulled with my DS is because that membership was being established for a minor and they don't pull credit on those. I asked if I could use this HP for additional products CC, PLOC, etc and she said no they would have to pull a new one but I could choose Experian instead. 

Also all of the accounts that I am on joint w/DS or personal show on my online account

Also I signed up for the credit monitering service and the banner they have on the account dashboard shows "My offers" she had suggested that while they are not pre-approvals when they show up you do have a high chance of approval, they aren't just marketing.  



Congrats on the memebership!

I wonder what would have happened if you had your credit reports frozen while already being a member? 

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Re: Just Joined Baxter Credit Union BCU

@oorhett Sounds like BCU has been good so far, was thinking of moving my banking with them since I am a member thru my employer.  Smiley Happy

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