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Long divorce is killing my credit

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Re: Long divorce is killing my credit

Divorce in some case can be nasty long and tiresome.   Sometimes I think the other party wants to drag it out so you come running back.

The first mrs. Backwoods overstated our assets by over $1MM at the begining. When  I finally after  1 year got her   closer to reality I settled even though I knew it was not fair. But it would have taken another year and $10,000 plus of lawyers time to get what was fair.  I jst wanted to move on with my life. Mrs. Backwoods remarried the day our decree was final. It lasted a very short time and then she was trying to lure me back.  


One of the members of the "Garden Club" does pizza delivery a few nights a week and appears to do well.  


Hang in there divorce is something many of have been through.  Just cut expenses down and start thinking of your new life without ex. 

Who knows you may meet some one nice and better.  I did and was not even looking. That was over 20 years ago could not be happier. 

Funny part the current mrs Backwoods is the girl next door but we never met til 20 something years ago.  

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Re: Long divorce is killing my credit

@FlaDude wrote:

I occasionally see suggestions to drive for Uber/Lyft. I've never done that, but various articles I've read suggest that after expenses (gas, tolls, car maintance and depreciation) you can expect to clear about mininum wage, and in some cases even less. I'd go with pizza delivery or something tipped instead.


I wouldn't even trust any article on Uber / Lyft receipts written in 2017 as being remotely accurate as of today... 2014 might as well be a different millenium given how fast ride hailing has evolved over the last 5 years.


There's been some ups and down swings as far as driver receipts go, but there are some that are still doing pretty darned well and clearing well more than minimum wage.


Not saying it's perfect, but it's not complete doom and gloom and BI I would be skeptical of anyway for this particular piece.

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Re: Long divorce is killing my credit

I went through something similar and ended up losing everything.  On top of that I had over 10k in lawyer fees to pay once it was all said and done.  I spent the next 8 years getting myself back on my feet again. It was like a tornado had gone through and destroyed all my possessions and my credit scre.

2 years ago I rebounded and bought a house.  Things do get better with time.

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