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Marcus Loan -- Scarily simple!!!

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Re: Marcus Loan -- Scarily simple!!!

@SteelCityPride wrote:

My loan is from May with my first payment and only one statement. It is also only reporting to TU. I also have another personal loan with > 8.9% on all three CRA's and will need to be paid in full mid August which will close and concerned with no installments reporting with EX & EQ after August.

Right double-edged sword here too. Great that this won't show up on EX as I am growing my AMEX, but I pay off a car note in Dec so will be in the same boat.

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Re: Marcus Loan -- Scarily simple!!!

Yeah I’m thinking of getting another loan from PenFed or my local cu and either get one to cover Marcus loan or get small loan and pay immediately off to keep under 8.9% on all three cra. Wish the old secured loan trick was working. I’ll be looking for a new car loan after first of year though. Sucks that Fico dings for the installment portion

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