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Meet Tally...

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Meet Tally...

Has anyone used this?  I thought I'd check it out, so I did the soft said I qualify, but didn't offer anything anything about LOC amount or rate...I guess that is set after I add my cards?


Also, its unclear on the site but is there a way I can still pay my cards directly with the Tally LOC?


How does Tally report to the CRB?

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Re: Meet Tally...

I've never used it, but they do report the payments to the bureau according to their website:

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Meet Tally...

Only in California by law. Otherwise they do not report. I have them for awhile now never on my report.
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Re: Meet Tally...

In the state of MA, they *do not* report to the CRAs unless you default... their aprs are usually just slightly lower than your cards... nope everything with tally is automated... You can choose who not to pay off.. and if a card has a promo offer and not to transfer off the balance. For me its a hidden TL ... In many ways its advantageous to someone whose trying to pay stuff off, esp to drop below thresholds... and not worrying about hitting close to their CL.. 




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