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Merchant Obtained My New CC# W/O Permission?

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Merchant Obtained My New CC# W/O Permission?


I have a question that maybe someone can help with.  I have tried the Internet left and right but to no avail.


About a year ago I purchased an item from a merchant online that automatically subscribed me to a renewal service (once every year).  Immediately after I placed the order I cancelled the renewal, as I do not like surprise charges (who does?) and manage my money closely.


Six months ago, my CC issuer automatically sent me a new card with new numbers as precaution as I had used the card at a retailer who had a data breach.


Fast forward a few weeks ago this online merchant that I had done business with a year ago informs me they can not ship the item (as part of the renewal) until I updated my CC #'s (as they were no longer valid).  I figured this was an attempt to try and get me to resubscribe, so ignored it.  I did not want the item again.


Then a week ago, I get an e-mail saying my new CC #, which I had not provided them, was charged and they were sending me the renewal item.


I called my bank, the issuer of the card, and they did not see the issue.  They don't know how the merchant was able to get my new card number without me giving it to them, but was told simply "it happens."  Pressed further I was told maybe because it was still the same Credit Card account, even though I had new numbers, that maybe that's why.  I didn't think at the moment to ask so if my number is fraudulently used, then under your explanation the fraudster could still charge my card.  But I did ask to speak to a manager and was told one would call me in 24-48 hours.


Another interesting anecdote from that conversation with my bank, because I had done business with the merchant a year ago, any disagreement with charges I was told had to be worked out with the merchant directly and if no avail than the CC's customer service department *might* be able to help but definitely not the fraud department.  I guess that makes sense except the "might" be able to help?


My next stop is calling the merchant and hoping I get some success there.


As I await the call from the CC manager and get a chance to call the merchant (working during the hours their call center is open), can anyone give me feedback as to how to handle this?  Did the merchant and my bank without authorization exchange my new CC number?  Is there legality issues with that or this issue in general?  I am in the State of Florida, if state statutes come in play.





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Re: Merchant Obtained My New CC# W/O Permission?

I know some merchants including Amazon do automatically receive updated card info. The purpose of this is meant to be convenience for buyers who might otherwise forget to update card information with their billers.


Are you sure they billed the new card number? I found that my bank didn't actually cancel my old card after calling about a Spotify charge that should have been declined.


By definition, this is an unauthorized transaction and you should dispute it as so.





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