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Mortgage loan application / DTI stressing out

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Mortgage loan application / DTI stressing out

Hope this is the correct fourm. So little back story me and my spouse applied for a Va loan .Everything seems to be going smooth we are currently in the underwriting process. Both our credit history is ok no late payment no collections both have a  Score of about 680/670. Loan will be solely In  His name due to me not having a job when we relocate. (Community state so my debt is included) So here the issue I have. We have been under contract for 2 weeks now supposed to close in three weeks officially. We had hard credit pull 01/27 not even month ago , in which my student loans where deferred past one year . I see that they have now reported to credit bureau out of deferment since I have completed my masters . Which now  means technically my lender would have to use these in our DTI Ratio. My lender stated they would do a soft credit pull before closing . Will this de rail our loan.Our DTI using just one income is already pushing the higher end at 49% any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Really want to know if the underwriter will catch this when he does the soft pull ? Or will we be ok and they just be focusing on any new debt .
thanks 😕

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Re: Mortgage loan application / DTI stressing out

If the new mortgage loan will be solely in his name, I expect them to pull only his credit.


Might vary from state to state, but when DW and I did the exact opposite, they pulled only her credit.... and we also live in a community property state.



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