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Moving to America for 2 years!

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Moving to America for 2 years!

Hello mate,


I am new member into this community. I need your help please. I am moving to USA this week. I would like to know about the best place to live on. Please suggest me some good places to live.



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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

Depends on what you're looking for.


New York City offers four seasons, urban life and beaches and countryside are only an hour away. Proximity to the rest of the Northeast. It's crazy expensive though.


Florida offers amazing beaches and is warm year round. Inexpensive.


Austin, TX . . Asheville NC . . Nashville TN . . good music scenes.


New England is amazing in the summer . . tough winters but good for skiing.


Philadelphia offers urban living at prices cheaper than NYC or DC, yet you are only a couple of hours away from them.


Chicago is a great city. Inexpensive as far as the big cities are concerned. Not many places within a few hour radius for quick getaways though.


California is generally amazing. Nice weather year round without the extreme heat/humidity of FL. If I ever leave NY (and don't go home to FL) I'll live in CA for a while.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

Oklahoma is wonderful. Lots of hills and wonderful sights. Most exciting place to live in USA.





......jk. It is honestly kind of boring. The most exciting thing is tornados, woohoo! It is quite affordable though. But as you asked for opinions on where to live, I believe part of that could also include places to avoid. Oklahoma isn't necessarily "ghetto", just not many cool/fun things to do around here.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

Thanks both of your for your reply. I even don't have better idea. So I was looking for your best ideas. I appreciate your efforts here guys. I will keep searching myself for better information. Smiley Happy

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

It will be only for 2 years. Because we have a project there. And my company boss would like to go to me and participate there for 2 years.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

That's like asking a stranger what a good tv show is.  There are many amazing places and there are many boring places.  You have to tell us what your interests are and what kind of weather you like and we can advise based on that.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

Exactly! I even forgot tell what I like to or dislike. However, I like cool places to live on. And if it inside the sea level then it would be much interesting for me.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

It might help knowing where you are arriving - moving to another country is a huge undertaking.  I personally would have done research much earlier to be sure I was arriving somewhere I thought sounded cool.

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

What kind of music are you into and what is your personality type?

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Re: Moving to America for 2 years!

And I thought I was bad taking an unplanned trip to Thailand for two days in terms of not planning ahead haha.


Really need to know why you're coming to the States in addition to your interests: two years is a while, and much as I appreciate this community, it's not exactly the best resource for figuring such things out.

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