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NASA closed my account

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NASA closed my account

Back in July I applied for NASA membership because I was entertaining the idea of getting one of their credit cards and part of the application had me enter a credit card so that I could fund my share savings account. The card never got charged and I assumed it's because they are slow in doing things until I got a letter saying they closed my savings account since I didn't fund it within 30 days of joining. I debated if I should reopen my account but decided not to, they are just too clunky and I am spoiled with the online portals of my Discover, Amex etc I am still a huge fan of CU's and I plan to approach PenFed next September, hopefully that will turn out better.Smiley Wink

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Re: NASA closed my account

Honestly, they did you a favor.


Some members have had good luck and it is a SP (or at least was) to join and apply for a CC.


Other members have only been able to get the non-credit accounts opened. I have a savings account hidden away with NASA that has a direct deposit, so for the time being I will just leave it slowly grow. When it comes down to closing accounts they are number one on my radar. Just my 2 cents.

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Re: NASA closed my account

Of course it is your choice, but NASA can be difficult. I think I am the last poster here on MF(from what I have read.) that had an easy SP for both membership and 29.7 CL. I also deposit automatically monthly into a savings account there.  The Rewards card is one of my daily drivers. I remember when I applied a year ago that I was asked how I found out about the credit union. A little voice in my head told me that they followed the MF boards and there was a lot of posting about them then. Just my take.

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Re: NASA closed my account

I also joined NASA last November with a SP for membership and CC. As with the other members I have an automatic monthly ACH setup to deposit into a NASA savings account. From what I've read recently, they aren't as friendly as the once were. Probably best to avoid them, though I've yet to have any issues with them. The 25k CC I have with them is on a recurring monthly bill and autopay. Definitely one of my cards I make sure doesn't sit completely dormant.

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