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NFCU SSL Approval

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Re: NFCU SSL Approval

@CivalV wrote:

I pulled my report and I am only seeing 4 HPs from NFCU. On my TU report I see, 1 for membership, 1 for the CC app, another for the secured card. On EQ I see 1 for the CLOC. So I only got HP'd 3 times on TU and 1 time on EQ. I feel much better now. Prior to Navy I only had 1 inquiry on TU & EX, none on EQ. 

First of all, congrats! 🎉 Tomorrow once some funds transfers clear, I'll be calling NFCU to open a SSL too.


I'm surprised at all the HPs you got, though. I just opened bank accounts with NFCU four days ago, and they did not HP for my membership. Before opening the accounts I had called to ask, and the CSR confirmed no HP for joining/opening bank accounts. Last week when I called to ask about the SSL, the CSR said there's no HP for the SSL app either. I bet when I call tomorrow, they will say the same thing. But based on your post and others I've seen, hard to believe there won't be a HP. If I get one (most likely), I'll call and request that they re-code to SP. Did you have any success with doing that?

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Re: NFCU SSL Approval

I love NFCU, always a pleasure to deal with them. I have a PenFed account as well, they're alright but you can definitely tell a difference when dealing with the CSR between the two.


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Re: NFCU SSL Approval

Can anyone tell me roughly how long it took after Navy approved the SSL that it was reported to the CB's? 

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Re: NFCU SSL Approval

SSL reports thenlast day of the month. Expect to see this reporting, at the latest, toward the end of the first week of the month. ✌
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Re: NFCU SSL Approval

Thank you. Much appreciated!

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