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NFCU Special CD Advice

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: NFCU Special CD Advice

I was able to obtain the 17 month CD because my special savers was ending. One thing I will note is that I wasn't able to roll the funds over directly to the CD. They put it in my savings account and I just transferred it out. 

Starting Scores: Experian: 498 Equifax: 521 Transunion: 514
BK Filed: 06/19/17 - BK Discharged: 09/28/17
Current Score: Experian: 637 Equifax: 626 Transunion: 630

NFCU nRewards = $2,000 (unsecured at month 5); Capital One QuickSilver $2,000; Victoria Secret - $470; New York & Co - $800; Children's Place - $600.
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