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NLUS San Diego alive and well


Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

baller4life wrote:


SAD SAD DAY!!!!! 😢😢😢😢

Wow... this is unfortunate, indeed.  Smiley Sad


At least they have added vets to their field of membership... that has opened the door for many who might have otherwise been kept out before.

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

it's been last longer than a year since it exposed not bad


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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Wow. I got lucky too. Applied on april 21st accepted on may 1st. Hope they wont revoke membership for navy league sandiego members who joined before NFCU  decided to  not accept eligibility.

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Everyone that got in before they shut it down is safe. Those that are still pending not so much. 😐
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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Just sharing my experience becoming a member of NFCU through Navy League. Filled out application and faxed on may 1st, 8 days passed and didn't hear anything back. I called customer service and after 45min on the phone with customer representative trying to locate application and get in contact with membership department, the rep gets on the phone and ask me. Your application has not been processed yet, do you have any branches near you? (I do) you should go to branch and get it all done there. Rep said "it could take another week for membership department to look at your application and then they might ask for other documents which could extend the process another couple weeks. I said thank you I will try that. Next day I went in near by branch, seat with somebody and got it all done without any problems. All I needed was DL and email confirmation from navy league, nothing else. The guy was super nice and at the very beginning he asked "how are you eligible for membership?" (Navy league) he said, "I haven't heard of that before give me one second" he walked out of the room with my navy league email, came back and said "let me get this started, this is the first membership through the navy league that I have processed, now I know for future ones".

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Tomorrow 05/13 I plan to go with my girlfriend and try to get her membership done, we faxed her info same day as mine 05/01. She couldn't go in the branch with me this past Thursday 05/11 as she was working. 

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

As this is no longer a viable way in this thread will be closed to further comments.

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