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NLUS San Diego alive and well

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Someone at creditboards posted


A rep from Navy just told a friend that my brother told to join thru the San Diego League to get in that this is about to expire...The rep did not elaborate much else but she just called to tell me to tell you all if you're going to get in this way go ahead and don't wait.


Take it with a grain of salt. Anyone else hear anything similar? Don't want this place to blow up again.Though honestly this sounds a bit suspicious and the member that posted this barely has any posts at all. A Navy rep called someone to tell them to let other people that this method is going to expire soon and that they if they want in they should join soon? What? 


Anyone hear anything similar? (I mean  hear anything yourself, not from your brothers friend or aunts neighbor's cousin's girlfriend)

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

hat is awesome!!! Regarding PenFed I joined them on May 21st with a donation of $15 through the National Military Family Association. What I really really like about PenFed is that when you open an account they will hit you with a hard pull (which is not good of course). However, with that hard pull they will hold on to it for 90 days so within that time frame you can open as many accounts as you like. So far I got a Checking, Savings, a Line of Credit and two Credit Cards with just ONE hard pull tell me that ain't awesome? LoL Smiley Happy

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Royalbacon if the method does expire I would not be surprised. However, I don't go by what certain people say so far the method provided has been very reliable as you can see lots of people have joined NFCU using this method. The part that I don't buy is that a "Navy Rep" called this person sounds weird to me. Personally I have spoken to many sources within NFCU and the Navy League and I haven't heard anything about this method expiring.

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Thanks to those whove posted about NFCU membership. I also recently joined PenFed and got the Platinum Rewards card there. What exactly is better about NFCU than PenFed? There is a local NFCU branch near me which would be an advantage to use them for Checking. Any other comparisons of NFCU vs. PenFed. Both look to have good CC offerings, competitive Auto loans, etc. 

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

I think it is highly unlikely that the Director of Membership of San Diego Chapter would not know this information. Also as a reminder the San Diego Chapter does not process applications or give status updates. What they can do is verify that this is a legitimate way to join NFCU, that NLUS  would not deny out of state applications as long as you're leagally in the US and your payment is good. Please go on line at or fax app to 703-528-2333. Any questions regarding processing your app should be directed to headquarters 800-356-5760. I know this can be confusing, and by now many don't know what to believe but bottom line is how bad do you want in? You'll be helping a great cause along with reaping the benefits of a credit union that has helped better many lives. Sometimes it's easier and safer not to take a chance. 

Royalbacon thanks for letting us know and we probably will hear even more of the same from time to time but for now I'm in recruiting mode😀 Also do make sure you put San Diego Chapter on the NLUS app where it asked preferred council.

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Well, this is good news.


I had to call in to PENFED for a recon and was shot down.  The survey popped in my email so I sent it back. I was literally thinking of ending it with this credit union for this. 


I got a phone call and from PENFED and the nice young lady approved me for $5,000. I'm taking it. I know that the APR is a little high, but I know I can get them down when they do a CLI in 6 months or a year.


I'm going back to the beach.  Over 20k in new credit in a month is enough for me.


BTW go join the Navy League. They are an awesome organization, not for their NFCU, PENFED, or USAA benefits, but for they do the mililtary community and our nation as a whole....


Life's a beach!





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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Would you pm me the info thanks!
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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

Guyatthebeach just sent you a PM.  Smiley Wink

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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

UncleB, I will get back to you shortly!!!!!
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Re: NLUS San Diego alive and well

When you guys are applying for membership are you getting a hard pull? What burearu do they pull for membership? What about credit cards? Thanks. 

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