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Navy Federal Cash Advance feature

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Re: Navy Federal Cash Advance feature

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Lol, interest hit today, $0.06 . Tried to pay it but minimum payment is $5 . Things that mske you go hmmSmiley Wink

LOL... it will be funny if you have to push a payment from your checking account's bill pay.  Smiley Surprised  Smiley Very Happy


I would be tempted to actually do just that (I usually go the path of least resistance - and least contact) but if you call or send a them a SM and tell them the system isn't allowing you to make a payment they'll likely write it off for you. 

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Re: Navy Federal Cash Advance feature

Penfed is much better when it comes to cash advances , the interest rate on cash advances is the same as the purchase apr

and yes penfed has low apr's on there cards ,another reason why penfed is bettter because the cash  limit is the same as the purchase limit,

and it gets reported to the credit bureaus on the actual closing date not the first of the month like many other credit unions...

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Re: Navy Federal Cash Advance feature

Thanks UncleB. Im still innocent, i dont think i even know how to push a payment from my bank🤯

Interesting point Meshilem, Penfed wont touch me with a 100 foot pole so ill continue to use my Navy cardsSmiley Happy
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