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Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU

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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU

@Biggcraze wrote:
Gotcha! The Amex and Credit One are new accts. The Chase and Discover are 1 year old. So this is probably the issue. Too new. I figured with the guys I see on here with 640's and 3 old collections that my new accts wouldn't hurt that bad. My DTI is ok. My house payment is $1620 a month. I don't have a car payment. I am a C Corp so my business expenses are seperate and I pay myself a salary so lenders don't know what my business expenses are and shouldn't be an issue. I have regular utility bills like everyone else except in the summer my electricity bill is close to $1k. Its 113 here right now and I have both AC's on 74 degrees. Lol! So yea... New accts must be it.

Yep... I think that may be it.   Seems you have a bit of a thin file and fairly new credit...   plus, your current utilization is ~18% based on the balances you listed in your inital post (now, that's really not that high but may be viewed as high by a creditor for a thin file -- PenFed once told me my 11% util was too high soo...whatevs).    


Good thing is they still approved you -- you have your foot in the door so just give Navy some love for a few months.  Use the card / cloc often --  then hit them up for a CLI.   With your income, I think you'll do well Smiley Wink

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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU

Whew! For reals! My warehouse is in Phoenix and I live in Maricopa so I have about a 35 mile drive home and watching the temp on the way I kept seeing it say 111 and 113. I told the wife it's too hot we should have stayed at work. She says to me that her friend text and it is 125 in Maricopa. I started laughing and said no it's not. But probably feels like it. Haha! By the time I pulled up at home the truck display said 111.
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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU

Op, sorry to read about your experience. Thank you for sharing. I know its not always easy on a public forum. All i can add is i believe in time, your income and steadily improving profile will open many more doors with Navy and just take this as a learning experience and a moment you can look back in time with a good lol or twoSmiley Wink.

For some reason, Credit Unions, whether big or small often times give people who work for themselves more scrutiny than someone with the normal paycheck job. This might be the case here. My understanding with Navy is score is really meaningless in their eyes, its all those other factors that they depend on to mske their internal decisions. I am the most average person on this forum, most likely the most below average when it comes to income compared to most here and Navy started me out at $500 and my totsl exposure is now $17.3 K. Not much to most here but huge in comparrison to my super low income. Keep the faith, please come back and let us know how it turns out 6-12 months from nowSmiley Happy. Cheers AJC
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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU

I will definitely come back and update once things change. And don't worry... I am probably just as or more average than you. My wife is the go getter. If it was up to me I'd buy a trailer and try for disability or something. My back and knees are killing me from flipping houses and years of playing and coaching youth football. My wife tho... She can't sit still. Has to be doing something at least 16 hours a day.  I'm way lazy and a slouch. Lol

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