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Navy Federal Navchek CLI

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Navy Federal Navchek CLI

i requested to increase my line from 6k to 10k. i got a message to call them pending approval please contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. i called and it was a counter offer for 8k. hey i'll take it. just wanted to increase it because really you need a line that is 3 times what you plan on using for fico purposes so you don't go over 30 percent utilization. it's at 15.9 apr so not the best but not the worst either. cheaper than most of my credit cards. good for emergencies or quick cash and not like a credit card where your cash limit is 20%, 30% or 50% of your credit limit. Accessed with special checks or you can go into the branch and request an advance. It's very convenient. Navy Federal is very good, i'm a customer for life...

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Re: Navy Federal Navchek CLI

You are on a roll today; congrats! NFCU is awesome! 

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