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New to the Navy FCU family!


New to the Navy FCU family!

I finally joined NFCU yesterday and it was easy and painless (should have done this a long time ago). Opened Flagship checking, basic savings, and cashRewards credit card ($3k SL @ their current lowest 11.65%) in one sitting at my local branch. Only one HP to TU. My TU Fico8 dropped from 820 to 817 with this new HP.  I haven't applied for the CLOC yet.  Figured I should wait and build history with them before applying for that and another card, unless the NFCU experts here have good reasons for going for the CLOC now.  I'm looking forward to moving my primary finances here.

| Chase Freedom $9.5k | LFCU Platinum $25k | AmEx Blue $10k | AmEx Platinum NPSL | Discover $7.5k | CapOne QS $19k | REI MC $13k | AmEx ED $1k | BofA CashRewards $2k | Citi Rewards+ $13.7k | Chase Sapphire $22k | Citi Premier $18k | CapOne GM BuyPower $10k | AmEx BlueCash Preferred $23.1k | NFCU cashRewards $9k | GS Apple Card $20k | NFCU Go Rewards $25k |

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Re: New to the Navy FCU family!

^ Congratulations on your membership and approval!

Best to wait to build your history as you mentioned. The CLOC will still be there. It'll be a EQ pull. It's not the best APR, though. It caps at $15K.

Mark your calender for 91 days and 3 statements from last approval. You'll be eligible for another CC application if you're interested.
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