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PenFed Personal Loan Approved!

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PenFed Personal Loan Approved!

Just had to share my recent experience with PenFed.  Back in July 2018 I applied for and was approved for a PenFed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX with a $10k CL.  I was very excited! Then as I was lurking on the MF boards I saw that many of you guys that are PenFed customers were receiving unsecured personal loan checks in the mail. 


Of course, being a relatively new customer I was pretty sure it was too early in the process for me to receive one too, but just a couple of weeks ago (Nov 23) I thought for fun and giggles I'd go on their site and apply for a personal loan to consolidate some of my credit cards.  A few minutes later I was approved!  $15,000 for 5 years at 9.9%!! So excited! My score at the time was 772 (Exp - now its up to 780) with several inquiries.  Made the request at around 4:00pm on a Friday, received check and paperwork in the mail the following Tuesday the 27th!


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Re: PenFed Personal Loan Approved!

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: PenFed Personal Loan Approved!



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Re: PenFed Personal Loan Approved!

Congrats on the approval Op! When you have Penfed on your side and willing to give to you, it can be a nice relationship.

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