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PenFed Personal loan vs Ploc

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PenFed Personal loan vs Ploc

Wanted to know if anyone knows which is easier to be approved for and with your experience if POI is required.  I used the PenFed personal loan prequalify tool and was conditionally approved for both 15 and 20k with a 10.99 apr.  I really don't need a personal loan but am more interested in the Ploc for its flexibility.   
I have been a member since 2012 with both checking and savings.  In addition I have a PenFed Promise and Visa Signature card with 10k limits, both are 11 months old.   I currently have zero percent utl on all cards and a small secured loan thru NFCU below 8% utilization.   7 new accounts last 12 months. 7 Inq tu. 4 inq equ.  3 exp in last 12 months

Scores below as of 7-21 thru

Fico 8.                            

equ.  701

tu.     696

exp.   710


Fico 9

equ.  733

tu.      729

exp.    724



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Re: PenFed Personal loan vs Ploc

Personal loan easier than ploc with penfed.  Penfed has been known and not known to ask for POI depending.  I bank with them and once was asked for POI for a CC that was higher than 30k cl before they would approve request strange thing is had a 70k auto loan with them.  I told the UW to just look at my direct deposit as they were my primary FI and they saw deposits and no need for POI as that was in essence POI Smiley Happy.  So certainly could happen being them requesting it either on ploc or personal loan

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Re: PenFed Personal loan vs Ploc

Additional DP.  I'm 35 months post BK discharge with annual income of 92,600.   

thanks again.  

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