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Personal loan?

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Re: Personal loan?

Yes! I am working on that as well. Done the budget and working on the snowball. Thank you!
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Re: Personal loan?

What’s your debt to income ratio & credit used versus credit available %? Also, when you don’t get pre-approval, they should tell you why you weren’t approved. Address those issues. I just took out a personal loan at a higher interest rate but for 36mo as well. So that’s a good thing really, a shorter term. When you pay down the CC debt your scores should improve. Just give it some time, maybe 6mo if on-time payments then refinance.
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Re: Personal loan?

I've had good luck checking for offers through Credit Karma or NerdWallet. I have three loans now, 2 at 6%, one is at 7% but had an origination fee so the APR was about 9%. One of the 6% loans was when my score wasn't much different than yours. I've found that loan offers vary widely, searching a lot of sources at one time speeds up the process.

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