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Please Help Define my Goals

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Re: Please Help Define my Goals

You can definitely get out of this and it's not too late. It will suck for the next 8-9 months, but if you get your spending under control, you'll have financial freedom by this time next year. From what you have said, if you don't put any new charges on your cards and pay them down before the interest hits, your payoff will look something like this:


CCBalanceMonthsAmt / month
Total per month:$383.24


Of course, you can break it down however you'd like, but this is what it averages out to every month (starting now). Then there's the rest of your expenses. Your tuition averages out to $500 a month, so if you learn to set this aside every month, you'll always have the money to pay your tuition and even earn a little interest. You can always pay with a credit card to earn rewards, but at least you'll have the cash to PIF. Then lastly, your two other expenses:


Tuition (avg)-$500.00$1,200.00
Phone bill-$90.00$1,110.00
Car payment-$410.00$700.00
Credit cards-$383.24$316.76


This leaves you with $316 a month of spending money or saving money. I assume you probably have some other expenses (like gas & food)? Once the summer hits and two of your cards are paid up, you'll have $300 more a month freed up for spending, and then another $80 a month once the third card is paid off.


Is this doable? Are you looking for different advice? I'm happy to help.

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Re: Please Help Define my Goals

@KLEXH25 wrote:

Is this doable? Are you looking for different advice? I'm happy to help.

That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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