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Pledge loan help


Pledge loan help

I have a navy account I want to apply for the pledge loan but I wanted to see what other banks or credit unions offer pledge loans where I put the money in and use the same money to pay it as it frees up

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Re: Pledge loan help

Another one that sometimes gets talk about that i have seen on here is SSFCU . But is restricted to certain areas. I think if your in with NFCU just go ahead and set it up with them. Depending on your profile my wife just recently got a nice 25+ score boost across all 3 . Good luck 👍 

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Re: Pledge loan help

I recently started my Pledge loan with NFCU.

$2400 @ 36 months (2.25% ~$69 monthly due) / 93% paid in 2 days

I wanted something that would remain on my profile for a long time to age it down the line.


It reported on Day 5 !! Smiley Surprised , No HP.  I opened this the last week of the month.

I saw a bump of ~28+ points on each EQ/EX/TU when that reporting hit.


Next payment 2/2025 but paying ~$5 per month anyway


If you don't have a personal loan in your mix go for it.

Good Luck

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