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Rebated ATM cards

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Rebated ATM cards

Let me do my best to preempt the kneejerk reaction here: I know this post will strike some of you as odd. Most respondents to my other posts* opine on how quixotic or irrelevant the services are, which is fine, but my inquiry is sincere.

Today I am writing to ask about a subset of ATM cards--yes, they are still issued--among the many financial services that exist. For those who may not know, an ATM card draws on, or deposits to, a savings account and cannot be used for point of sale transactions (or any other transaction, for that matter). ATM cards typically lack the Visa or Mastercard logos but may belong to several ATM networks. Questions below:

1.  Does anyone belong to a financial institution that issues an ATM-only card (no debit functionality) with free ATM access and rebated foreign institution ATM fees?  (qualifications are ok, including piggybacking on a free-ATM checking account)
2.  Does anyone use their check card (debit card) exclusively for ATM withdraws/debits?
3. Does anyone restrict their check card for ATM-use only?
4. Does anyone use an ATM card regularly and why?

Any data points are welcome. I am interested in how we can alter our relationship with plastic (debit or credit) in unconventional ways, FYI.

Previous unanswered questions:

· experiences with the debit transaction controls through payment method companies (e.g. Mastercard's InControl)
· experiences with 3rd party debit transaction controls (ex. CardValet, Securlock, etc.)

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Re: Rebated ATM cards

Pretty sure anyone here that chases rewards uses their check card for atm use only. My local credit union still has just an ATM card. Chase did a while back. Not sure if they still offer it.

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