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Roth IRA or Traditional IRA

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Re: Roth IRA or Traditional IRA

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Not that it is a major change to the argument, but starting this year, RMDs begin at 72.


As someone now at retirement with a large trad IRA and a tiny Roth one, I wish I had done more Roth!  Depending on your level of needed "income" taking it from the Traditional can also have serious impacts on Medicare payments (B and D)

What sort of impacts? Inquiring minds want to know...


I'm hoping to squirrel away around $500,000 into my HSA before I retire so that it will carry me through post-employment insurance (as that amount should allow me to withdraw $25,000/year pretty much forever); any unforeseen change in my cost estimates may necessitate my setting more aside in non-HSA funds to cover things like Medicare.


Medicare surcharges for 2020 based on income.

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