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SDFCU personal denied

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SDFCU personal denied

The experience wasn't great. I had a secured card with them since 2016/17 which didn't unsecure until I questioned why in Feb 2022. 


I applied for 15K on Sat  11/26, but I figured they wouldn't reach out till that Monday. Immediate Hard pull on Experian (version 2 @ 727) - App status New.


On Monday they sent a Docusign that said they needed my current address, employment, and 2 stubs. The application attached had a job and address from several years ago which seemed weird. There was no way to edit the app so I put the address and employer info in a word document and attached it with my stubs. App status - referred


On the 30th they sent another docusign that said call us. I call and they say they need my address and employment info.....odd, but I obliged and confirmed they saw I had submitted the stubs and info in a word doc. She also put me on hold to see if the UW needed anything else, came back and said you are good to go, that's everything. App status - referred


On the 2nd I saw the status was "More info needed" so I sent a message through the app portal and they said that I was sent a docusign on the 30th saying call us and they needed the address and employment info.... I messaged that I called and asked if I needed to call again. I immediately got another docusign email that just said call us. 


I call and make sure they have the correct info and they ask the purpose for the loan. I told them to consolidate my cards into one lower payment. She asked me the creditors and then said she'd just email me a list to add them to. Immediately got the docusign and input my list with account numbers and amounts then sent back.


Next day on the 3rd I get a reminder about the docusign that said call us. I log in and sign and it won't proceed without an attachment so I added a word doc that said it wouldn't sign without an attachment. 


On the 5th I get an email saying they can't approve me and I'll get a letter in the mail. I call and they say it's because of my debt amount and not having a large enough unsecured limit on cards. I countered that the loan was for the debt to consolidate (13-14K) and that my highest card was Navy at 25K. She then said that Navy was the reason why they denied me. Because it was too new having been opened 3 months ago. 


I guess I'll see when  the official letter gets here, but they don't seem to communicate well or actually know what's up.


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Re: SDFCU personal denied

It was the "call us" for me 🥸  


Almost sounds like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. I've never dealt with SDFCU, but I've read it's still very old school in dealing with a variety of things.

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Re: SDFCU personal denied

Sorry but don't know what to make out of these...These days lenders are very cautious....I was instantly approved for 3 different CUs in last one week but a few days later all got denied because of my employment...According to them, they couldn't verify my employment because its not online...I work for a big city hospital...lols

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Re: SDFCU personal denied

That's crazy, I verified a bunch of medicos from larger hospitals to small clinics this last year and most of them had some system in place to get it quickly. I have a few CU accounts, but figured after 6 years with SD I'd go with them first. 

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Re: SDFCU personal denied

Anecdotally SDFCU was the wonkiest FI I've ever dealt with, I opened (sort of) an account with them back not that long after joining this forum... the process was horrendously broken and like you it was if there were multiple groups inside and none of them were on the same page and their systems reflected this.


No idea if they're any better now though your recent experience suggests nope, but I walked away and never looked back: life's too short to deal with that level of disorganization though they had a good secured CC product once upon a time and that's what I was trying to get.

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Re: SDFCU personal denied

Weird I had nothing but good experiences with them. I got a $30,000 personal loan with them, and I haven't even paid that off and keep getting preapproved personal loan checks from them. That sounds how Penfed treated me, though. They said I was preapproved, kept asking for more info and documents, and finally denied me after a couple of hard pulls. I guess it's always different for each person sorry

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