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SECU auto loan question


SECU auto loan question

Has anyone out there gotten an auto loan through the State Employees Credit Union in NC or another state? The woman I spoke with says they don’t look at the score but rather the whole account. I’m curious about whether I should apply for the loan or my wife should.

We have about 100k annual income. My file is thick with revolving accounts (over 15k in credit) and student loans (about 37k.) I have missed payments in the pay but over a year of 100% payment history. My scores are around 670 across the board. She has an incredibly thin file. Less than a year of total history with 1 revolving acct of her own (she is AU on all of mine though) and 1 auto loan with perfect history. No missed payments, but she does have 7 medical collection Accts, which keep her score in the low 600s. The woman at the bank said they do not take medical collections into consideration.

I am curious if anyone has an opinion as to which one of us should apply? I also have abt 9 inqs on EX, 7 on EQ and 2 on TU. She has 2 on each.

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Re: SECU auto loan question

Haven’t applied for a car loan but a couple of years ago, got approved for an unsecured debt consolidation loan of 15000 with pretty crappy scores (hovering around 600).  They will look very closely at debt to income ratio but based on my experience, if they approved me for an unsecured loan, getting a car loan should be much easier...


hope me this gives you a data point.

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