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Self Lender Loan Ending

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Re: Self Lender Loan Ending

Not likely on the AA front (they already know your sins and paying off a loan while FICO complains lenders won’t).

Secondly the reason UncleB got whacked so hard is he has a really pretty file; actually I am surprised by the 40 that may well be one of the highest recorded and he’s not in new file territory.

In your case (and in mine when I had my tax liens) it will be closer to 20: meaningful to be sure but not OMG the sky is falling!

Well unless when talking mortgage underwriting.

There’s also probably plenty of other lenders which do it, just everyone dogpiles on a single lender and then hardly anyone really tests: bunch of people called CSR’s and that’s not testing TBH, and we have seen where some of that is wrong.

Not sure how we can solve that, I’m not really willing to go test more lenders right now so I can’t fault others for not playing reindeer games with me, just a not great situation after Alliant had enough... it was just blind, stupid luck on that one literally the first one I tried that had a perfect product for it.

If I had to bet on a secured loan which works it would be Penfed I would try next, there are reports that unsecured loans work and there’s almost no difference between how lenders service any of their loan types, but I didn’t see a secured loan type for them when I checked the other day.

Pretty files have lots of other options, but need to find something for those of us that aren’t so we can put more lipstick on the pig.

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