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Should I join NFCU?

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Re: Should I join NFCU?

Credit Guy, i think Finstar summed it up best for a person who has everything they need ,but wants to have future possibilties in lending available from a rock steady lender, Navy is a great addition. Plus, not everyone can join so if your eligble, you should join. If not for you, then for fsmily members and their future credit needsSmiley Happy
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Re: Should I join NFCU?

I'm with Finstar and AJC. 

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Re: Should I join NFCU?

A secret NFCU benefit is that every year, on your anniversary date with them, the Village People will come to your home or office and sing "In the Navy" to you.  That alone makes joining them well worth it.

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Re: Should I join NFCU?

Heck NO!   Stay away...

If they're formulating their decisions based on the "curve" I don't need you in there mucking up the ratio for average peeps like me! Tongue Raspberry.gif






Obviously, I'm only teasin' but you answered your own question. 

You don't need it and it would only be another account to manage at this point.

If you need to diversify or if things change in the future, it will still be there.. 



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Re: Should I join NFCU?

OP, I say, definitely join. I luv NFCU hands down!

Since you don’t need anything, open a 40-month IRA and ESA certificate with min $50 deposit and earn 3.75% interest. And you can make deposits anytime up to the max allowed.
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