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Square cash now works at Trader Joes

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Re: Square cash now works at Trader Joes

@longtimelurker wrote:

@Saeren wrote:

I retired the card. I actually just requested to cash out my last $8.15 to DCU yesterday. The boosts change too much and I got left with a really bad taste in my mouth having to call them to get my Kroger boost manually paid — I never actually changed away from the Kroger boost so it’s still on my card with no listed expiration but I just use my More Rewards. Far less work. 

Yes, my daughter switched one time to Trader Joes and then found that WholeFoods was only 5% (same as Amazon Prime card).   But I've left mine with WholeFoods, still getting 10%, so still very worthwhile for me, plus now the extra 0.5%!

I have remained with 10% at Chipotle.


I'm not surprised it was nerfed, but it was a little disconcerting to see how rapidly the good alternatives vanished once the nerfing actually began. I was expecting a somewhat more gradual decline.

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Re: Square cash now works at Trader Joes

They dropped a few more food stores in my area and added more fast food (Taco Bell, Burger King). So it’s not as appealing to me. Also when I load with my Discover Debit card I don’t get cash back. Discover changed their policy last fall so that cash card loads don’t get cash back.
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Re: Square cash now works at Trader Joes

Chipotle has remained at 10% in my area though I see that Panda Express and Trader Joe's has vanished to be replaced by 10% at Popeye's and Taco Bell. I am intrigued by the 15% off with DoorDash boost though. Might give that a spin sometime. 

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