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TD Early Pay

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Re: TD Early Pay

@FicoMike0 wrote:

You got it! How the mighty have fallen. I remember once the Folgers rep pointed out what it said in the fine print on the a&p instant coffee, "a&p tea co importer, roaster, manufacturer, retailer". Talk about vertically integrated. He said Folgers bought most of their beans from a&p.

I might be a little older than you, where I grew up in Michigan the stores were called, "The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company".  Smiley Happy

I categorically refuse to do AZEO!
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Re: TD Early Pay

Ours were just called a&p, but internal docs had the full name. What a crazy operation.  They were so cash solvent they could make mistakes no other chain could afford to try. They had a regular 3-5 day loan to sears, covered them between when payroll was due and charge account payments came in each month.  Payed good money, I fondly remember double time on Sunday.

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